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A collection of my articles and speaking on design and research.


"Empathy in Design Research" Conference Talk

At Antenna, the premier design graduate conference at Dutch Design Week, I spoke on the importance of empathy in design and research, and my experience using empathetic research methods for my undergraduate thesis project Maternal Home Care.

Empathy can really be a from of innovation. This technology already exists- it's just applying it in a way that makes sense for people.

What I wish I knew before I started Design School.

This collaborative piece documents the reflections of graduating students from my class from design school, and hopes to provide guidance to incoming design students.

Thinking back, there is a lot that I wish I knew before starting my design degree: assume painting models will take twice as long as you think it will, don’t be scared to take time to get work experience, don’t be discouraged by your amazing classmates. But no two students experience university the same way, and they all walk away learning different things.

Social Engagement: Keys to Building for Smart TV

A short piece I wrote during my internship at Connected Lab about the changing ways we are interacting with our tv's, and how that medium will change the possiblities for design.

The TV is inherently social, a focal point that draws groups together to share in experiences. Whether it be humanity’s greatest triumphs or tragedies, documentation of events and the ability to share stories collectively has fuelled the TV’s continued presence in our lives.

We Tried to Make Shipping Simple, and Things Got Complicated.

An in-depth article on the process of analyzing a business opportunity written with my friend and classmate David for our fourth year Seminar course. 

3 months ago we started our journey towards better understanding the start-up process. Things got very very hairy when we dipped our toes into the shipping industry.