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List maker, coffee drinker, loud laugher, big picture thinker.


Hi, I'm Caroline.

Thanks for dropping by! I'm a recent graduate from Carleton University, where I studied Industrial Design and Business. I am passionate about understanding and shaping the way we interact with products, interfaces, and the world.

What does that mean? I love research, talking to real people about what is important to them, prototyping and playing with design, and understanding big messy problems. Most of all, I love doing this with a team of other passionate people.

I am currently seeking a full-time position at a company where I can continue to grow as a researcher and designer. To talk UX or to exchange .gifs, I can be reached at carolinesmeenk@gmail.com


Interaction Design Intern at Punchcut; creating interaction designs for wearable-first experiences, visualizing user experience journeys for research participants, developing personas, and working with a team on future-facing concepts for consumer health products.

UX Research Intern at Shopify; conducting user experience research (including usability testing, surveys, and diary studies) with the Mobile Shopify team-- aiming to make commerce better for everyone.

Product Design Intern at Connected Labs; designing, prototyping, and researching interaction design for multi-channel experiences in conjunction with design, sales, and engineering.

UX Research Intern at Macadamian Technologies; assisting and conducting user experience research, including development of screeners, interviews, task analysis protocols, and presentation of research results for internal and client use.

You can read more about my experiences and qualifications in my resume.